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Lab 3 OSI Model

Layer #

Layer Name


Keywords & Description of Function




 datagrams, software layer,
network aware programs:
FTP, HTTP, email




 datagrams, software layer,
controls context between
application layer and lower
layers by using different
syntax and symantics




 datagrams, controls the
dialogue between computers,
software layer




 organizes packets into
segments, TCP – reliable,
helps network layer make
sure information is delivered
to the right location




 Intelligent layer, routers on
this level, organizes frames
into packets, IP – not reliable


 Data link


 Organizes bits into frames,
switches and bridges at this
level, some intelligence




 Sends information in bits, hubs
& repeaters at this level, no


Networking Blog 2

This week I learned how to create ethernet cable using cabling and connectors. I initially did the first connection wrong, but my second attempt was successful and I got both ends hooked up correctly. When I tested the cable it passed, and I was pleased with my work. Seeing this type of cabling wasn’t new but creating the connections was. I’d never attempted anything like this before, and it was a good learning experience. It made me realize that if I wanted, I could run my own cable at home and create connections between devices. I don’t anticipate doing so because it is not very inexpensive to buy all the materials and tools required for such an undertaking.

I helped my lab partner as much as I could because she had some difficulty getting her connectors to fit. The exercise in general was very time consuming because untwisting the wires and getting them into the proper order takes time. Overall I enjoyed this lab.

Networking Blog 3

This week I learned about the OSI model. I learned that there are seven layers within this model, what they are, and what each layer’s protocol data unit is. I find all of this confusing still, but I hope that over time it will become easier to understand. All the material for the OSI model was new and unfamiliar to me. I know basics for how to set up a network in my house, but only so far as setting up WiFi connections and using a WiFi extender to reach all of the devices in my house. I am surprised at just how many layers are in the OSI model, but I’m still not sure how they all work and how they are related to one another.


Week 3

I didn’t do as well this week as I did in the first 2. I’ve had some issues locating the blogs of my classmates and I ran short on time to complete everything I would have liked to. I’m finding it hard to keep up working 4-5 days a week plus taking 15 credit hours and being a single mom. I’m still learning how to do all the juggling I have to. If I had this week to do over, I would have gotten all of the assignments out of the way as quickly as possible so I didn’t have to stress over everything last minute. I only did 1 daily create, linked below.


A more accurate movie subtitle

A more accurate movie subtitle

Networking Week 1; Lab 1

This week I added the definition/term ‘range extender’ to the wikispaces glossary for Networking. I also posted a bookmark on Diigo to an interesting article about the superbowl ads.

I learned about creating and posting a web page this week. I made 3 pages from scratch and changed a few of the elements by looking up the codes I needed on various websites (those sites are referenced.) I was surprised at how much HTML code I remembered from previous experience using it.

Networking in general is something I do have some knowledge of. I’ve been able to establish a WiFi network at home and use a range extender to make the signal available throughout the house. Anything more complex than that is new territory for me.

I am from…

Fishing with Grandpa
I am from…

I am from children’s toys
from musical instruments and Nintendo
I am from the small house
across from the playground
I am from the dandelions
The cottonwood tree
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from movies on Christmas eve and a family of farmers
from my mother and an absent father
I’m from video game competitions and Saturday morning cartoons
and from creativity.

I’m from storytelling and ‘stop fighting with your brother’
and campfire songs
I’m from fishing in the pond
I’m from Abilene and Sweden
Thanksgiving dinners and homemade pies

From a single mom
who still works hard photos of my family
on my wall
that show where I’ve been
and who I come from.
Dandelion Clock