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Networking Lab 7

May 1, 2013

Objectives: To build a network and include subnets within it. To configure the router(s) so all of the terminals can be connected and utilize the subnets.

Equipment list: Routers(3), crossover cable, cat5 cables, computers, downloaded a hyperterminal to configure the routers

 Notes and Observations: This proved to be a difficult lab in terms of getting the physical components set up. Getting the network and subnets set up was easy on paper. The topology never quite took shape because we spent so much lab time fighting with hardware. This lab would have been easier if we had more working computers and were only configuring 1 router. We had 3 and it ended up causing problems. We followed the lab as far as we were able in the time we had.

 Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures: Incomplete diagram. Charted our topology as far as we were able to get.

 References: Lab handout, other students

 Questions: How many subnets are needed? We determined we would try to use 3 routers and configure 5 subnets all together.

 Conclusions: This lab was a lot easier on paper. Setting up the paper part of the network and getting the addressing set was very simple. Getting the routers to converse with the computer became a little more complicated. All in all, I would say we got this lab near finished until the hiccups at the end. I understand how to create subnetworks. I just don’t know how to configure a router.


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