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Networking Lab 4

March 12, 2013

Objectives: To configure a network of several computers using a switch, change the IP address of my workstation, and then to ping neighboring computers. Also, a goal was to configure a router.

 Equipment list: Switch, several workstations, router, UTP cables

 Notes and Observations: My group followed the lab and went through changing our IP addresses and connecting to each other through UTP cables into a switch. We had issues with this lab because there were few operational workstations. We were also unable to connect to one member’s laptop because of firewall issues. I was able to ping the K-State server, which returned Spiderman as its name. We were unable to configure a router to connect to other groups in the class. This lab didn’t work well because of all the equipment problems we had.

 Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures: n/a

 References: n/a

 Questions: Compare and contrast the IANA and ARIN? I know that these two organizations are responsible for the distribution and assignment of IP addresses, but I don’t really understand how they are different.  There is a countdown happening because IPv4 address are depleting. IPv4 addresses are still being assigned as they are available on a first come, first served basis.

 What are some reasons behind updating the TCP/IP protocol with a new IPv6 standard? IPv6 uses 128-bit addressing so it will be a long time before address assignments become exhausted. Because IPv4 addresses are almost used up, they had to develop a new system for addressing due to the number of internet devices in use.

Conclusions: I was able to ping K-State but not another computer because of the technical issues we were having. The computer lab isn’t set up well for what we were trying to accomplish this lab. I was shown how to use a terminal to set up a router, but I wouldn’t be able to replicate this process on my own. It was interesting to learn about configuring IP addresses, but I don’t think I will end up doing this on my own. I think the computer lab isn’t very well organized, but I don’t think it is the instructor’s fault that half the computers weren’t working. I suppose more people should have their laptops in class so these types of projects work better.



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