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Networking Blog 2

February 24, 2013

This week I learned how to create ethernet cable using cabling and connectors. I initially did the first connection wrong, but my second attempt was successful and I got both ends hooked up correctly. When I tested the cable it passed, and I was pleased with my work. Seeing this type of cabling wasn’t new but creating the connections was. I’d never attempted anything like this before, and it was a good learning experience. It made me realize that if I wanted, I could run my own cable at home and create connections between devices. I don’t anticipate doing so because it is not very inexpensive to buy all the materials and tools required for such an undertaking.

I helped my lab partner as much as I could because she had some difficulty getting her connectors to fit. The exercise in general was very time consuming because untwisting the wires and getting them into the proper order takes time. Overall I enjoyed this lab.


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